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Export text and images from PDF files for reuse in other applications, creating files that are highly editable and retain the look and feel of the original. Generate files with well-formatted, correctly-justified and easy-to-edit paragraphs. Turn tabular content into editable tables, including complex and irregular tables that other converters can't. Convert vector-based images into scalable objects in Microsoft Word, wherever possible. Summarize all comments so you can view them alongside page content, either on screen or on paper. Use a customizable grid to layout objects, such as form fields and links, faster and more precisely.

This stuff like the real deal. It has a start-up wizard that offers to answer any questions and walk users through the process of converting files to PDF, or vice versa. The program's interface has been refurbished to make it look more like Office 2007, offering a layout that mimics Microsoft's button design and layout. Create and Convert, Insert and Edit, Review, Forms, Secure and Sign, View, and Help are the tabbed options. As in Office 2007, click one to open a row of buttons below it. These controls are where the majority of your actions reside, so using the program is largely a visual experience.

Despite the more user-friendly layout, this stuff was hit-and-miss. The first time i tried batch conversion from PDF to Word the program froze and crashed on the second document. The second time, it worked fine. Other conversions went well, but commands such as Open Folder or Open File after conversion tended to result in inconsistent behavior. Single-shot conversions, whether initiated via the file browser or from drag-and-drop, were flawless.

to avoid some error, remove mark in "open pdf file after creation. i guest medium file size is the best for pdf file that u want to transfer via netwotk. thats it...:D

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