Squid In Windows 7

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Squid is a caching proxy server that can help reduce internet bandwidth usage and improving response time of loading a website by caching and re-using frequently opened web page. Squid reduce the bandwidth usage and accelerate the website loading by caching static website objects such as images, flash objects and text files, with some modification Squid can cache larger files such as PDF, MP3, executable, flash videos, etc.

Preparation before you install squid:
1. Squid 2.7 >>> Here
2. Squid.conf >>> Here

The step to install squid on windows 7:
1. Extract squid 7 and put it on example “c:\squid“.

2. Get squid.conf sample and save it as “squid.conf” put this files on example “c:\squid\etc“

3. Now the important step! we have to disable UAC (User Account Control) if we didn’t disable this we will  got problem on installing squid as windows service. Mostly a lot of people try to install squid on windows 7 has problem on this step.
Control Panel -> System and Security -> Change User Account Control Settings
Slide the bar into “Never Notify” You need to restart your computer after doing this step.

4. Open command prompt. Then install squid service by typing “squid -i” in your command prompt. If you success you will see something like this:

5. Build your squid cache by typing “squid -z” You will see this message “Creating Swap Directories” in your command prompt, just waiting until it finished.

6. After squid service installed and squid cache finish building now you have to start this service.
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
Look for service with name “squid” the start this service (you can also configure it too to auto start each time your computer on)

7. Make sure squid process is running on your computer background. You can see this on task manager in services tab.

8. It’s might important and secure to re-enable back again User Account Control Settings.

9. You just finished installing squid, congratulation 
Now you have to configure your web browser to use this squid. Open your web browser and looking for (mostly network) then write your squid IP and squid Port. Example my squid IP server is and port 3128.

That’s it,try it first then you will know it easy....:D

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Anonymous said...

confignya ga bisa tod

vlee said...

santai cuyyyy....gunakan bahasa yg baik dan benar
makanya di BACA dg benar....:D

*nb : pake google translate biar ga keliatan kali goblok lo

Anonymous said...

Vlee :
Anda kali yg harusnya santai.....
anda kan pemilik situs ini, tp nanggapin orang kaiak preman aja....

jgn2 anda yg goblok.. cuma modal copas dr orang lain..
malah sumbernya gak anda cantumin..
kan maling artinya ente..

kalo anda fasih english knp gak anda artiin ajaartikel ini sebelum anda share???
ato anda hanya modal kopas???? wwkwkwk

vlee said...

pertanyaan mendasar apakah anda menemukan artikel berbahasa indonesia di blog ini...???

sangat gampang sekali untuk tidak menampilkan komentar ini...tapi bukan itu intinya...orang bebas berpendapat..:D

silahkan ditunggu komentar berikutnya...*LOL

Anonymous said...

kok pada emosi sih, harusnya kan sama2 belajar.
yang nanya itu mbok ya yang sopan, kan sama2 enak ntar.
klo jawab ya yang bijak, kalau gk mau jawab y gk ush di jawab.
anda itu sekolah dididik untuk memiliki kepribadian yang baik.
hhhhh, anak muda jaman sekarang.
bebas itu bukan seenaknya sendiri mas, kita juga harus memikirkan kedepannya tulisan kita layak apa tidak untuk ditampilkan? gimana pendapat sampean?

Anonymous said...

untuk masalah config ga bisa, coba disable UACnya dulu pada windows 7. start >control panel> system and security> change user account control setting > never notify me(scroll kebawah barnya).

vlee said...

"bebas itu bukan seenaknya sendiri mas, kita juga harus memikirkan kedepannya tulisan kita layak apa tidak untuk ditampilkan? gimana pendapat sampean?"

saya sangat setuju dengan anda...;)

sou foda said...

q merdaaa nao entendi nada

mohammad rizwan said...

in command prompt while i gave command "squid -i" it could not be execute please reply me as early as possible
message appear is
squid is not recognize as an internal or external command

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